TPA Inc. & HealthCare 365 Alliance

TPA Inc. and HealthCare365 (HC365) have developed an alliance to deliver a health literacy solution that addresses the health information gaps between providers and individuals. TPA’s health literacy technology tellmedocs™ will be powered by HC365’s health management platform.

The alliance between the two companies allows for increased innovation and greater leverage in bringing tellmedocs™ to market in an efficient and effective way. Together, the two companies will share expertise, and seek ways to transform and improve the delivery of health information to individuals so as to create better outcomes.

About TPA Inc.

Trans Promo Alliance (TPA) Inc. is a Toronto based technology innovation company that provides easy to use technology to bridge health literacy gaps between individuals and their providers that undermines health outcomes and increases healthcare and insurance costs. It’s tellmedocs™ health literacy solution is the only personal and institutional health literacy risk management solution to come to market.

Contact: Jane Steele Moore m. 416 998 3057  e.

Why is health literacy so important to Canadians?

Research indicates that literacy skills are a stronger predictor of health outcomes than a broad range of other categories including educational level, age, race, socio-economic factors, and other key variables.

In Canada, our Public Health Agency has stated that moderate to limited health literacy impacts the health outcomes of 60% of adults and 88% of seniors. The findings do  not mean that all people in these groups can’t read, but it does highlight that most are not able to knowledgeably understand, access, evaluate or express information that is vital

to managing their health. Also, they struggle with following treatment plans, managing medications and in many cases they cannot navigate our ‘complex’ healthcare systems. In addition to being overwhelmed, the individuals are most often embarrassed about their struggles and will suffer silently with their problems.

Inadequate health literacy is a silent epidemic that is costly to individuals, insurance companies, employers and the public healthcare systems. We know that people with moderate to limited health literacy have poorer health outcomes. The costs associated with health literacy impact individuals, their families, our healthcare systems and insurance companies.

TPA has worked collaboratively with researchers, engineers, data scientists, business process professionals, insurance executives and others to create a health literacy solution that addresses the problems and concerns of stakeholders involved in the delivery of healthcare to individuals. The solution addresses the ‘gaps and mismatches’ that occur when people with ‘moderate to limited’ health literacy skills attempt to manage their health by trying to understand information that is at a higher literacy level than they possess.

The solution provides easy to use processes that identify information gaps and mismatches and provide the users with step-by-step guidance and tools to get level based information that is needed to manage their health. The tellmedocs™ solution guides the individual through a process that involves their providers at all levels and helps them secure help, when needed. No longer will people be expected to read, write, speak or understand health information at a level they don’t understand. The solution helps providers improve outcomes for patients with limited health literacy skills. As stated by numerous providers the care provided hasn’t been different but what is different is the individual’s ability to understand and participate in their cure. 

With tellmedocs™, individuals are able without embarrassment to act on health information they previously could not understand and step away from a process that would otherwise be confusing, embarrassing or in some cases damaging to one’s health due to information gaps and mismatches.