We are not a boutique clinic

Recently, HealthCare 365 was mentioned in a Toronto Star article about so-called boutique clinics. We are definitely not one of those. We are a healthcare coordination company trying to demonstrate, to our fellow Canadians, that managed care should be a critical part of our healthcare system.

We get reminder after reminder of this in various news stories. For example, just the other day, there was yet another report published, which was authored by researchers at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES) and the Sunnybrook Schulich Heart Centre in Toronto. This report reviewed the uneven care of cardiac patients in rural versus urban parts of Ontario. The speculation from the report, which you can see highlights of in the attached article from Global News, is that there is just not enough preventative care provided in areas outside of large urban centres. Why is this? Well, rural physicians are stretched. They have limited resources and time to deal with the many chronic care issues that are so prevalent in our communities.

Care coordination or managed care, carried out by nurses using scalable technology, is one of the ways to fill the gaps created by a lack of human resources and funding.

No, we are not a boutique clinic. We are a healthcare company that uses technology to enable nurses to ensure that the care of patients is coordinated, managed and dignified. We think our type of service should be available to everyone as part of a universal care program. Managed care uses resources – both human and money – more efficiently and ultimately allows for better outcomes and a healthier population. Isn’t this what all of us wants?