The HealthCare 365 Personal Health Record

Recently, HealthCare 365 entered into an agreement with Pacific Cross Insurance, a large insurer operating in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong.  Pacific Cross is rolling out HealthCare 365’s personal health record (PHR) to all of its clients across its network. While care coordination is HealthCare 365’s core business, we have received a great deal of interest in our PHR, particularly from insurance companies that issue travel policies.

A HealthCare 365 PHR can help a traveler in trouble by allowing for quicker triage of conditions, medications, allergies and immunizations when trouble strikes on a trip.  Our PHR can be pre-translated into any language to suit a traveller’s itinerary.  There are emergency protocols built into the PHR which allow quick access without losing control of security.  The PHR can also be white-labelled to suit any insurer or sponsor marketing need. Finally, our PHR works on any device, whether it be a phone, tablet, computer or a piece of paper.