CARP/Zoomer selects HealthCare 365 to Power its National Health Record

We mentioned, in previous entries, that our personal health record (PHR) had been selected by Pacific Cross Insurance, a large Asian insurance company for use by their clients.  We are now equally proud to say that CARP/Zoomer, one of Canada’s largest associations, has selected our PHR as the official PHR for the organization.

We have white-labelled our product as CARP Health 360 and have modified it to allow it to serve over 400,000 CARP members along with their families, bringing the potential platform coverage to well over 1.2 million people.  The CARP Health 360 PHR is unique in the the health care sector.  Here are just some of its features:

  • Members can keep information related to conditions, medications, allergies, appointments, emergency contacts, documents and many other key data points;
  • In addition to data, members will be able to request records from their caregivers at no cost.  To our knowledge, this is the only service that does not charge for record requests.
  • There is a unique store built into the PHR that allows members to purchase value-added health services, including: 
    • The HealthCare 365 care coordination program;
    • A talk to a physician service available 24/7/365 anywhere in Canada in both official languages.  This service allows members immediate access to an emergency certified physician on the phone or by video.  A service like this has been shown to reduce the need for walking clinic and hospital visits;
    • A unique set of travel services that include trip readiness programs and record translation services which ensure that a foreign doctor understands your situation.

There are other services being added to the CARP Health 360 platform, which we are proud to say, is totally powered by HealthCare 365.  We believe that this PHR joint venture between CARP/Zoomer and HealthCare 365 will have the broadest circulation of a health record in Canada.  Both organizations want to give Canadians the ability to self-manage and take control of their healthcare needs.  We see this project as one way to improve the quality of care in Canada. That is HealthCare 365’s mission.