About HealthCare 365:

HealthCare 365, founded in 2010, is the first health management organization in Canada. Since the group’s inception, the medical and technical teams have been working to develop an innovative way to fill in the systemic gaps affecting patient care that are inherent in the Canadian health care system.

Today, our team delivers ongoing support, coordination, and navigation. We strive to provide support to our patients and the medical professionals working tirelessly for them in their times of need, so that everyone receives care, clarity, convenience, and continuity – not just while they are sick, but while they are healthy too.

HealthCare 365’s foundational belief in blending a protocol-driven software platform with a high-touch personalized nursing service has been the driving force behind its success in the health care space.

Care Management

Proper care management means building relationships!

Our compassionate Care Coordinators and administrative support team ensure your population stays healthy and happy.

Technology Services

Leveraging existing technology solutions and expertise to aligned providers.

Our proprietary patient relationship management software and apps can be white-labelled to fit your medical or wellness organization.

Sophisticated management software empowers our team to deliver personalized service, virtually. At scale.