HealthCare 365 Leadership:

Our Leadership Team Fosters an Environment of Innovation and Excellence

Skip Schwartz

Chief Executive Officer

Skip Schwartz was trained as an architect, specializing in health care facilities design. He was Partner-in-Charge of Healthcare at NORR partnership Ltd. He and his team designed award winning hospitals and clinics across Canada, doing groundbreaking work in architectural planning, long term care design, and accessibility. He has operated clinics and hospitals in various parts of the world, and was in charge of the health care practice in Canada for HOK – one of the world’s largest architecture firms. He was the CEO for a pioneering Canadian-based health services venture, Interhealth Canada. For the past 25 years, Skip has been an executive advisor to Kluaynamthai Group, a healthcare system located in Bangkok, Thailand.

Andrew Clarfield

Vice President of Operations

Andrew Clarfield is a lawyer who also holds an MBA degree from the University of Toronto. Andrew has built the unique HealthCare 365 patient management system, as well as other back office systems required to scale the business. Andrew is also responsible for designing administrative protocols to support our selected medical protocols, and oversees all operations.

Chris Kim

Director of Technology

Chris Kim is in charge of software development at HealthCare 365. He works with the operations team to build the HealthCare 365 Patient Management System. He strives to design software that is platform-independent, scalable, easily deployable, and cost-effective.

Dr. Vera Kohut

Medical Director

Vera Kohut is an energetic doctor who, with great dedication, practices her vision of patient care – listen, care, treat and advocate. Having practiced for 30 years in both hospitals and primary care clinics, she is a highly experienced family physician with extensive knowledge in preventative medicine, patient education, acute and chronic illness management, and women’s health.

Tanya Radforth

Director of Care Coordination

Tanya Radforth is a highly educated Nurse Practitioner with extensive experience in primary care and family practice. Tanya has worked in various communities and multidisciplinary teams, including inner city health clinics as well as rural family practices. She brings specialized knowledge in preventative disease screening, prenatal care, acute episodic illness and injury, chronic illness monitoring, and therapeutic intervention to the HealthCare 365 team.

Herb Willer

Chairman of the Board

Herb Willer has extensive experience across a broad range of industries in areas of investment banking and strategy consulting. Herb was previously a global partner with Arthur Andersen in charge of the Entrepreneurial practice in Ontario. He has had extensive involvement with the going public process including the CPC program and is a member of the local advisory committee for the TSX-V and a member of the national advisory committee for the TSX-V.

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