Family Practice:

Providing the highest quality care for families

Empowering Patients:

We make connections, coordinate care, and handle the administration.

Coordinating Care:

Treatments, medications, and recommendations from various providers are brought together into a single, manageable plan.

Navigating The System:

We deliver ongoing support, coordination, and navigation to our patients, effectively managing their journey through the healthcare system.

Population Management:

Improved efficiency for hospitals, health providers, insurers and pharma

Managed Care:

Our customizable software is designed to be easily used by operators including nurses, occupational therapists, and administrators to manage interactions with the public and private health care systems.


Operators who handle 30-50 individuals can be trained to manage hundreds of patients which can lead to greater efficiency and cost savings.

Competitive Advantages:

The platform offers value added products for providers to offer at low cost including simple duty of care provisions that make claim processes more accurate. E-Commerce components can be added to allow for the purchase of services and products.

Home Care:

HealthCare 365 nurse care coordinators work to support the implementation of prescribed home care plans.