The Challenge:

The Leading Causes Of Illness Have Undergone A Paradigm Shift

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Acute Care

As it exists, our healthcare system is a “sick care” system. The system waits for one to become sick before it kicks into reactive action. The focus is to address urgent issues in a timely manner.

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Chronic Disease

Chronic diseases are ongoing, and warrant proactive, planned and integrated care. The system requires effective management through the healthcare system.


Patients and their families should not have to be responsible for navigating a complex health system and coordinating their own care.

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To avoid the hidden costs associated with chronic disease and the upward trend of absenteeism and disability, companies must act to implement workplace environments that support positive employee health outcomes.

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Our Solutions:

Our model collects and consolidates existing healthcare providers’ care plans, develops an ongoing relationship with the patient to guide them through their healthcare experiences and proactively checks in to support them between visits.

To deliver this service we utilize a team of nurses and administrative support staff and have developed a patient relationship management software platform that enables efficient, effective and scalable teamwork and collaboration.

We Are Not Reinventing The Wheel:

We are taking a system, already well established in other industries, and applying it to healthcare.

Project management is the art of directing and coordinating resources throughout the life of a project to achieve predetermined objectives of scope, cost, time, quality and participant satisfaction.

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At HealthCare 365 we focus on preventative care with a personalized approach.