Enterprise Solutions:

Powerful and Customizable Patient Relationship Management Software (SaaS)

Patient Relationship Management:

EMRs are not equipped to handle patient management. Patient Relationship Management Software helps care managers, nurses, doctors and other providers proactively ensure their patients and clients stay healthy and happy.


Our system is designed to document and annotate phone calls, faxes and emails.


Tracking of medical and health data including conditions, medications, appointments, and providers.

Health Score:

This score helps health providers know when to contact patients.


Calendar for appointments and other health related activities.

Health App Development:

Customizable online health platform


Designed for patients, the HC365 App can be integrated with the Patient Relationship Management software or be offered as a stand alone product.


Patients can view and annotate their medical records.

Care Providers:

Tracking of various health care providers, including publicly and privately funded services.

Task Management:

Tasks and calendar events can be set directly from appointments, conditions, or providers.

Consulting Services:

Through white-labelling or fully-customized solutions we have developed technologies and protocols for SMBs and the enterprise.